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In the Summer of 2017:

I ran 2 Google Ad Campaigns, built a simple and easy SEO growth strategy for a client, spent just over $100 (total) in Ad-spend, and haven't paid anything in advertising since. Today? Her books are completely closed (aka filled with returning loyal AF clients) - she hasn't taken on a new client in months, and when she does have a cancellation it's snatched up within minutes.

Oh - and she still remains on page 1 (actually toggling between the number 1 position and number 2 position) IN HER ENTIRE INDUSTRY. and she has a physical location aka local SEO at it's finest.

AND - she's only open 4 days out of the week. If that's not freedom lifestyle living at it's finest. I'm not sure what is.

You asked, I listened.

For the past two years I've studied search engine optimization and Google Ads, and without fail whenever I meet an entrepreneur, or small business owner, they're ready to pick my brain on SEO & Google Ads. Whether you have dabbled in SEO, aren't even sure what the acronym stands for, have never run a Google Ad Campaign, or have in the past, feel completely overwhelmed with both topics, aren't even sure which direction to take - you're in the right place.

If you're OVER spending money on Facebook or Instagram Ads, because you're not getting the website traffic, customer acquisition, or leads you hoped for - it's time to dive deeper into SEO and Google Ads and see why it is that these two tools are the bread and butter when it comes to building growth strategies for my clients and up-leveling their businesses.

You'll walk away from this class with a fresh, new and improved understanding and outlook on how to utilize SEO to grow your business organically and with ease, and ready to start running your first Google Ad Campaign, with comfort and confidence, to draw in customers, clients, and sales.