My Story


hi, lovely!

I’m so glad you’re here - we’re going to have some fun, together.

I’M KATE - THE OWNER & FOUNDER OF KATE KILLORAN CONSULTING (AND THAT CUTE KID I’M SHARING THE YELLOW COUCH WITH, IS MY NEPHEW - WHOM I LOVE SO MUCH.) I ALSO LOVE a good wine, TRAVELING FIRST CLASS & SOLO, a GOOD stroll down the streets of the Pacific Northwest AS I TOSS BOUQUETS OF DAHLIAS IN MY YVES SAINT LAURENT TOTE BAG, and I especially LOVE A good Target run, you know the ones where you went for one thing, but ended up buying entire sections of the store. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite things to do on a Friday night.

But, my LIFE WAS NOT ALWAYS THIS glamorous and it sure as SHIT didn't start OUT with THIS much freedom. IN MY EARLY 20’S, LIKE MOST PEOPLE - i WORKED for CORPORATE AMERICA. AFTER 10 YEARS, AND A FAILED ATTEMPT AT COLLEGE, AND a MOVE THAT LANDED ME IN COLORADO, I DECIDED that to be anything but MY own boss was unacceptable (and tbh - boring af) for the kind of lifestyle that i dreamed of living.

So i started my own business! AND AT FIRST, IT WAS GREAT … But then my passions evolved and i began offering a NEW servicE OTHER THAN THE ONE THAT I’D STARTED MY BUSINESS AROUND. And then another one. And then another one. catching the pattern? It wasn’t until i realized that i wasn’t limited to only ONE “thing” in life, that i truly found freedom - i realized that i could have a multitude of “things” and they are all just as valid and just as important as any ONE thing. So over time, I FINALLY FOUND CLARITY to the true nature of what inspired me to my core - SUPPORTING MILLENNIAL ENTREPRENEURIAL WOMEN explore their multi-passionate business ideas and creative outlets, AND GROW THEM INTO PROFITABLE BUSINESSES.

i now spend my days SUPPORTING incredible women all over the globe, coaching their businesses into newfound areas of growth and success. i’ve taken my desire to have female-owned businesses striving for more and have appeared as a guest on multiple female entrepreneur hosted podcasts, and am the host of my own podcast: the sip and social with kate. i work from a place of charisma and creativity and i’m more than ready to help you turn your creatively-driven ideas into solid and successful businesses. you can think of me as your one-stop, business best friend who will be there to support you, encourage you, and take your next business to places you’ve only dreamed of!