My Story



hi, lovely!

I’m so glad you’re here - we’re going to have some fun together.

I’M KATE - THE OWNER & FOUNDER OF KATE KILLORAN CONSULTING (AND THAT CUTE KID I’M SHARING THE YELLOW COUCH WITH, IS MY NEPHEW - WHOM I LOVE SO MUCH). I ALSO LOVE a good wine, TRAVELING FIRST CLASS & SOLO, a GOOD stroll down the streets of the Pacific Northwest AS I TOSS BOUQUETS OF DAHLIAS IN MY YVES SAINT LAURENT TOTE BAG, and I especially LOVE A good Target run - you know the ones where you went for one thing, but ended up buying entire sections of the store. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite things to do on a Friday night.

But, my LIFE WAS NOT ALWAYS THIS glamorous and it sure as SHIT didn't start OUT with THIS much freedom. IN MY EARLY 20’S, LIKE MOST PEOPLE - i WORKED for CORPORATE AMERICA. AFTER 10 YEARS, AND A FAILED ATTEMPT AT COLLEGE, AND a MOVE THAT LANDED ME IN COLORADO, I DECIDED that to be anything but MY own boss was unacceptable (and tbh - boring af) for the kind of lifestyle that i dreamed of living.

So i started my own business! AND AT FIRST, IT WAS GREAT … But then my passions evolved and i began offering a NEW servicE OTHER THAN THE ONE THAT I’D STARTED MY BUSINESS AROUND. And then another one. And then another one. catching the pattern? It wasn’t until i realized that i wasn’t limited to only ONE “thing” in life, that i truly found freedom - i realized that i could have a multitude of “things” and they are all just as valid and just as important as any ONE thing. So over time, I FINALLY FOUND CLARITY to the true nature of what inspired me to my core - SUPPORTING MILLENNIAL ENTREPRENEURIAL WOMEN explore their multi-passionate business ideas and creative outlets, AND GROW THEM INTO PROFITABLE BUSINESSES.

i now spend my days SUPPORTING incredible women all over the globe, coaching their businesses into newfound areas of growth and success. i’ve taken my desire to have female-owned businesses striving for more and have appeared as a guest on multiple female entrepreneur hosted podcasts, and am the host of my own podcast: the sip and social with kate. i work from a place of charisma and creativity and i’m more than ready to help you MANIFEST your creatively-driven ideas into solid and successful businesses. you can think of me as your one-stop, business best friend who will be there to support you, encourage you, and take your next business to places you’ve only dreamed of!