Searchable in 6 Weeks: A Complete Guide to SEO

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Happy Wednesday, loves!

I'm typing this to you from my bed in my hotel room in Scottsdale, AZ, and sending you so much love wherever you find yourself reading this.

The SEO & Google Ads masterclass last week was SO much fun, and I have received some of the most amazing messages from you all about the practices you've been implementing on your own, and it seriously makes my heart happy! 

For those that booked 1:1 calls with me - they received this announcement earlier than anyone. But now it's time that I share it with the rest of you! This program is quite possibly my favorite project that I've worked on and created for you guys. It brings in all of my favorite aspects when working with clients; overhaul, teaching, coaching, and accountability. And I believe it is the only complete guide to SEO that you'll ever need. 

Searchable in 6 Weeks: A Complete Guide to SEO

During this 6 week program, I am teaching you exactly what to do and how to do it when it comes to customizing a successful SEO growth strategy for your business. One that not only makes complete sense to you, but does to your market audience - quite possibly the most important piece to the puzzle. 

The program starts with my signature SEO audit of your entire website - over a 2 week period I comb through your website on all sorts of devices and networks to gain insight to the user experience one has when visiting your website. 

After our SEO audit results call where I give you the beginnings of your customized SEO growth strategy based on my findings from the audit, you're then given 4 weeks of self-guided study from me.

I will introduce a simple, and easy new lesson on SEO, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Tailwind & Pinterest as it relates to SEO, etc. to you each week - delivered to you in whatever way works for you; pre-recorded video, loom video, long form email, etc. These lessons will be SEO topics related specifically to your business - think: alt text and alt tags for one of the lesson topics; where I walk you through choosing the best keywords and keyword phrases for the alt text and tags, show you exactly where they go, how many you should be using based on your market audience, so that you can start getting that organic website traffic asap.

At the end of the 4 weeks, we'll have a 60 minute coaching and accountability call to go over what you've implemented since our SEO audit results call, and finalize the last touches of your customized SEO growth strategy.

If you loved last week's masterclass, but want the 1:1 attention and support from me in creating a successful AF SEO growth strategy for you and your business - you my love, are in the right place.

This is my most favorite program, and most affordable program yet - I really think you're going to love it.

xo, kate

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