Here's what happened this week: a new podcast chat is up, I'm hosting a free digital masterclass: SEO for Pinterest & Pinterest Ads & my SEO program is open to join!

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Just wanted to send an update before you check out for the weekend.

Here's what happened this week:

+ There's a new podcast chat up, and it's featuring my girl Becky Mickletz of Remickz Marketing & Now Featuring Workshop. 

During this live podcast chat (recorded while I was in Denver) we chat about imposter syndrome, why we're choosing to do the things that feel good first, and our "opinions" on social media and what could be next in the digital world. 

Listen to the episode here, and be sure to subscribe through iTunes, Spotify or Google Play.

+ I'm hosting another FREE digital masterclass! 

Join me LIVE on Thursday, May 16th at 630pm MST(that's 530pm PST, 730pm CST & 830pm EST) for a digital masterclass on SEO for Pinterest & Pinterest Ads.

Pinterest is by far (Google is 2nd) my numba one source for website traffic, and it's because of the SEO strategy I have in place for it. I know what you might be thinking ... Kate! another platform to learn and maneuver? Do I REALLY need it? Short answer: YES BABE, you do - and spoiler, you DO NOT need to spend more than 30 minutes per week working "in" Pinterest. I'm going to show you how during the masterclass, and answer all of your questions on it too.

+ The last masterclass was FIRE - and I also shared that I decided to make the replay of it, workbook and slides as my new freebie for anyone wanting to get their paws on some awesome SEO & Google Ads: Back to Basics refresher content. All you have to do is go to to snag it - ps you'll be added to my email list by doing so.

+ And lastly - my program Searchable in 6 Weeks: A Complete Guide to SEO is still going S T R O N G! If you haven't heard me talk about it on IG, here or Pinterest (!!) then here's a brief run down: it's literally the only guide to SEO you and your business will ever need. Seriously - it's a complete start to finish guide on SEO, and we kick it off with a customized SEO audit of your website conducted by yours truly. It's available for $1100 as a one time payment or 2x payments of $600. 

If you're ready to become searchable by all the search engines - get your butt over to this page: the only guide to SEO you’ll ever need, and join the other beauties who've already gotten started! (one of the girls literally was already found through Google just from implementing the practices I shared during the last free masterclass!)

If you're feeling slightly hesitant .. this is your sign it's time to say yes! But you can also book a Free 30 minute 1:1 growth strategy session to really be sure this program is for you

xo, kate