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Happy Friday, love!

K so, you think you signed up for Google Analytics .. maybe you know where to find the "tracking code", then say to yourself .. "did I add it to my website builder??" and after a few moments of frustration you say: "what do I even need this platform for??"

Google Analytics is THE website traffic platform that you need to start boosting your Google Search Rankings, acquiring more customers, sales, & clients; here's why: (side note you guys - it's absolutely FREE)

Sure when we start our businesses and get those first word of mouth or referral clients - it feels REALLY good. But then once you've exhausted your referral network market - then what?

How are you acquiring customers, sales & clients organically? How is your business actually growing? What if I told you that there was an option to automate this acquisition process, so that you could actually look up from your laptop & enjoy the present moment ....

Having Google Analytics in place allows you to track the performance of the employee who's working foryou 24/7: your website.

With Google Analytics in place, you can find out what website content is actually being seen, at what hour, by whom, and how. (among a few other insights) Then you can take this insightful information and mold your next launch, product announcement, or blog post release around it, and know that without fail your business IS growing, and you ARE closing your laptop and enjoying the present moment, instead of staring blankly at your landing sales page, hitting refresh over and over and over again. (it's ok! we've all been there!)

PS - it's also a one-stop shop for tracking your Google Search Console insights & all of your Google Ad Campaigns - winnnn!

Within Google Analytics, these are my 4 go-to areas to study and track on a consistent basis:

Top Devices: SUPER important for how your content is being displayed for those using different devices. We're all after that great user experience - so be sure you are catering to everyone's experience on your website, no matter the device.

Session Duration: How long are users spending on your website? Are you giving them a reason to stick around? I encourage you to not have every single page of your website appear to be a landing page. Have bits and pieces of you and your brand as a whole on every single page. So the user knows who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer them.

When do your users visit?: When does your website receive the most traffic? How can you find ways to have your content released during that time? Are you finding users visit your website late at night? super early in the morning? during their lunch hour? What can you offer them during these times to make them remember you and your brand?

Pages Visited: Which website pages are being visited the most? On a regular-basis review the content on theses pages - how can you make these pages more user-friendly, more exciting, giving the user a reason to stick around - not bounce away.

And those - in a nutshell - are the reasons why I LOVE Google Analytics. 

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Happy weekend!

xo, Kate

Kate Killoran