I manifested more money in the first 50 days of 2019 than I made in all of 2018 ...


On Monday of this week, I had decided, since I had an afternoon appt. with my financial advisor, and last week he had asked me to come to this week's meeting with some numbers aka my 2018 income total, that I would figure out what that number was, about 30 minutes before our appt, no big deal.

As I sat there adding up all of my totals from projects that I worked last year, I kept saying ... this can't be right, there's got to be more. And then when I hit that final "plus" on the calculator, only to realize I'd scrolled to the top of the page, and there were no more entries .. I saw it. I saw the dollar amount that I'd made in 2018 displaying on the calculator app on my iPhone, and before I could take my next breath - I realized, that this year - in the first FIFTY days of 2019, I'd manifested MORE money than the total that sat there displaying on the calculator app on my iPhone.

Now - I'd love to be able to tell you that the possibility of this also happening to you, will happen over night. But for ya'll beauties that KNOW me: I will not bullshit you, nor will I waste your time - this type of manifesting does not happen overnight. Tiny - very tiny manifesting attempts? Sure. Maybe you've already manifested things into your life, but you just weren't aware of it. But unless your mindset is so high vibe, and feeling like its higher self, the manifesting process is exactly that - a process, and it requires you to put in WORK.

To give you a quick run-down, here is what the path to manifesting more money in the first 50 days of 2019 than what I made in ALL of 2018, looked like for me:

First off: What is manifesting? my definition is: taking your thoughts and imagination, and making them your physical reality.

I got clear. 

I used to get hella annoyed when people in the personal development world would tell me this - I'd be like, I am clear! I want ___ . or I want _____. And then, one day, I wrote out EXACTLY what I wanted - you know like Sandra Bullock's character does when she writes in her journal the exact man she'll end up with, in the movie Practical Magic.

I got clear:

+ on WHO I wanted to be

+ on the action steps I was going to take every single day to get me to who I wanted to be

+ on how many clients I desired to work with 

+ on the action steps I was going to take to show up as the person I wanted to be aka my higher self

I took inspired action. (literally action inspired by my intuition/higher self, or if this is easier to understand: I started acting on my impulses.)

+ whenever I had an impulse to do anything, I acted on it. 

+ acting on these impulses put me in the exact path I needed to be on in order to manifest this kind of money, quickly.

I stopped obsessing on the HOW any of it was going to happen, and I relaxed - seriously.

+ I started focusing on the things that brought me joy

+ I stopped obsessing over the lack (why don't I have what I desire yet? when is it going to happen? etc.)

+ I took naps, I went on walks, I literally relaxed into the idea that everything was working out in my favor

Now ... this is just the summary. 

I will be the first to admit - that every single moment of me manifesting this amount in the first 50 days of 2019 did NOT include sunshine and lollipops, butterflies and rainbows.

What it did include? Lots of journaling, lots of practicing gratitude - out loud and in my head, some meditating, and some major inner work that had to do with my money story. Overall - it included TRUST that it was all working out in my favor.

So - know this, if you lack trust that it won't happen for you, or believe any of the below statements, manifesting in general will be one of the hardest "things" you've ever done:

This "shit", aka your life - is only hard - if you decide that it needs to be hard.

Finding clients is only impossible if you decide that it's impossible.

Not hitting your income goal for this year won't happen, because you believe that it won't happen.

So ... if you want to learn more about manifesting - let's connect. I would love to chat more with you on this topic, and support you in any way that I can so that you too can say that you have manifested more money in the first ___ days of 2019, than all of 2018,  or manifested that new MacBook Air you've had your eye on, or manifested a super amazing travel deal, and then received free upgrades during your entire trip. Whatever you desire - CAN BE YOURS.

love you, boo.

xo, kate