Not showing up on the first couple pages of Google Search results? This could be why

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Is your website secure? aka do you see the words “not secure” to the left of your website as it’s displayed in the Google Chrome search bar? If the answer is yes - here are a few reasons why you need to change that asap:

1. With a (SSL) certificate, you’re sending out a message to your readers and customers, proving to them that you take them seriously. You take their privacy seriously. And by doing so, you’re instilling confidence. source:

2. “Without an SSL certificate, you’re waving a red flag to your readers, which may put them off future visits.” source:

3. Google Chrome is the most popular mainstream browser. People like its interface and love that it’s largely very secure. For much of its life, Chrome has loaded encrypted pages with a padlock and green “Secure” message displayed. source:

4. Since 2018 - Google has switched its default viewing from http to https - meaning if your website is not secure when visitors time in your website, or click a link that takes them to your website a large lovely white message will appear letting the user know that your website is not secure. Yes, they are given the option to bypass this after confirming they want to continue, however adding a SSL certificate is quick, and easy. Not sure how to add one? Leave a comment for me. 👏🏻

What does this mean for SEO?

Since Google Chrome has changed the way they display non-secure websites, Google search is doing the same.

Without an SSL Certificate you risk the chance that your website will NOT be displayed in search results because it is missing the “s” from http.

With an SSL Certificate, not only will readers trust you more, but search engines will too. This results in more readers, and the more popular your blog becomes, the higher it’ll rank on Google. It’s a win-win. source:

*If you’re unsure how to obtain a SSL certificate - leave a comment below, and I’ll respond with a how-to! And if you think anyone you know would benefit from this info aka websites that you’ve visited that are not secure, please share this post with them.

xo, kate