Recent target finds that I'm obsessed with


Lately, my newest obsession has been to take my Instagram followers along a “what do we think Kate can buy that she doesn’t need to” at target journey. I wasn’t very much the kind of person who liked showing her face on the other side of the camera, especially for stories. When IG stories first came out, I did the thing where I’d take a video of something else but be talking from the other side of the camera. So, when I took my followers on this fun ( to me) journey of sharing my Target experience, I was pleasantly surprised at how many DM’s I received letting me know how funny I was, and that I had made someone’s day because they laughed at my commentary. Did you know - the secret to IG engagement? just be yourself. WHO KNEW? (said with sarcasm)

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So, last Friday evening, I decided to take myself on a date to the thrift store, and then to pick up some kombucha after. (literal turn up happening over here - hi, i’m Kate and I’m 32.) Earlier in the day I had been listening to Kathrin Zenkina of manifestion babe - and she was talking about how it’s so important for us to show up as our higher self every single day, to take care of ourselves, to act as if the person we’re striving to be, is us - today. As I went to transfer my overflowing basket of all glass liquid containers to a cart, I strolled past the beauty section of Target. And there - at the end of the aisle (seriously they know what they are doing when it comes to marketing those end of aisles - DAMN) was a perfect shelfie designed FOR ME. Well - for my higher self I should say. (when I picture myself as a millionaire aka my higher self, I have glowing skin, beautiful long luscious brunette hair, and I’m dressed in the most amazing vintage apparel.) Vital Proteins collagen powders, Olly gummies, Pacifica Beauty powders, and really whatever else that was there, didn’t matter because the branding and packaging for all three spoke to me so loudly - I had to have them all.

Side bar - a few months back I was having trouble falling asleep. Not because I was restless, or stressed - but because the creative, active part of my brain wanted to play when my body desperately needed sleep. By the time I would fall asleep it would be almost dawn, and then I was sleeping until almost noon - every day. Now, before you judge me: I have my own business because I have the freedom to make my own working hours, however - I love mornings because I love coffee because I no longer have to rush out the door and I don’t have to make the time to enjoy my coffee, because I’m rushing to some corporate job.

I tried everything to get my mind to fall asleep:

  • taking a bath before bed

  • lighting candles

  • meditating

  • going on a light walk

  • going on a heavy walk

  • yoga

and then I decided to give melatonin a try. Holy shit, did it help me fall asleep - and quick! But … as I soon learned the correct term (melatonin hangover), I was waking up with little headaches after I would take it, so that had to go, too.

Ok, now we’re back to me oogling the end of an aisle in the beauty section at Target.

First up: I read through each of the Pacifica Beauty powders - and at first, grabbed the Slay all Day - because my love for ashwaghanda runs D E E P. But then! I spotted Wake up Beautiful and once I read the ingredients, I knew I had to try it. The most intriguing part was the melatonin at a lower dosage than I’d taken before, plus the reishi and lavender.

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Next up: Vital Proteins beauty collagen - strawberry lemonade flavor. Last spring I tried adding collagen to my smoothies - and I hated it. The brand was different than Vital Proteins, but because I am so picky with what I eat, and drink, I put the beauty collagen need on the back-burner. Until of course I saw the beautiful pink branding of Vital Proteins, and I knew I wanted to try it.

Lastly: Olly Vibrant Skin gummies - I had taken good ole biotin for awhile, but felt like I plateaued with the growth of my hair and nails. Again - beautiful branding, so I picked up the Vibrant Skin Plump Vitamin gummies, which include: a blend of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and sea buckthorn, and tossed it in my now overflowing cart.

PS - all THREE beauties were on sale, there must be something about shopping Target on a Friday night the second to last week of the month. W I N


The first morning after I tried the Wake up Beautiful - I WOKE UP BEAUTIFUL. Literally, I fell asleep within 30 minutes of taking it. I added one scoop to hot water in a mug, and ps it tastes delicious - kind of like berry zinger tea, and I woke up so refreshed, it was actually morning, and I did not have a headache. I’ve been taking it now for a week, and I love it.

I was on a zoom video conference the other day and one of the girls said that my skin was literally “glowing” - I’m going to give the credit to Vital Proteins beauty collagen for this one.

Sadly, Olly gave me way too much of a stomach-ache (plus bloat) after the first 3 tries (3 days) I had to stop taking the gummies. Stay tuned for what I try next in this department!

All in all - very happy with my recent Target finds.

xo, kate